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Author Topic: Questions in regards to ARM assembly: Swapping between ARM and Thumb  (Read 1281 times)

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Good morning,

I am beginning to learn ARM assembly, and there's one concept i'm not sure I quite grasp.

From ARM's docs, it would seem that if I `bx <reg>|<val>`, the value at <reg>  or <val> respectively needs to have bit 0 set if it is switching from ARM >>> Thumb, and reset if it's going from Thumb >>> ARM.

Would that entail an alignment of the subroutines, to ensure that the bits are set/reset respectively?

Example (GAS Assembler):
Code: [Select]
.align 2
EpsisAmazingSubroutine: @The alignment of this subroutine means that bit 0 is reset, so bx from a thumb subr will switch back to ARM
    stmdb sp!,{lr,fp}
    add fp,sp,#0
    sub sp,sp,#4

    @ var at fp-4 is EpsisAmaingInteger

    mov r3,#3
    str r3,[fp,#-4]

    @ EpsisAmazingInteger is now 3

    sub r0,fp,#4 @ Nab ptr to EpsisAmazingInteger
    bxl add3toInt @ Swap to thumb and call subr

    @ EpsisAmazingInteger should now be 6
    @ Close stack frame and leave

    add sp,fp,#0
    ldm sp!,{fp,lr} @ ARMv4 doesn't change state on pop {pc}
    bx lr

.align 2
.byte 0x69
add3toInt: @ The alignment, coupled by the byte, should set bit 0 of this address
    @ We don't need a stack frame here
    ldr r3,[r0]
    add r3,r3,#3
    str r3,[r0]
    bx lr @ (Hopefully) swap back to ARM and branch to link reg

Note: Assume CPU is ARM7TDMI
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Re: Questions in regards to ARM assembly: Swapping between ARM and Thumb
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2019, 01:06:22 pm »
Instructions are always aligned, so bit 0 of the address is always 0. That's why it's instead used as a mode bit - you'd use `bx ARMCode` and `bx ThumbCode | 1`.
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