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Author Topic: Wrong Pocket TM17 ACE in G/S (French, VC) for wild Pokémon DVs  (Read 445 times)

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Following my latest posts in the Arbitrary code execution in Gold/Silver UE using the Coin Case thread, I decided to make a new thread instead as I'm not really concerned by any Coin Case method.

I currently have access to ACE in a French Silver version on 3DS VC, and I've been looking for a code (with box names) to force wild Pokémon DVs, so they're always perfect or always result in shiny Pokémon for instance.
(I already have the required setup with a slide Pokémon and the right Quagsire, and had other box name codes work without issue.)

I guess it'd also modify trainers' Pokémon but I don't mind; it would be really great to have some control with the code though, like choosing different DV values by changing only one or two characters but that might require a lot of work.

I randomly found Epsilon's code in YouTube videos (one by imself and another one from Torchickens), but that one of course is for US versions sadly so I don't have some required characters. Here's the code:

All encountered Pokemon are <insert x Pokemon here> and shiny:
Box 1:  Ap'v8é'm25
Box 2:  p0(male)55555
Box 3:  'vAé52p0'm
Box 4:  éJ9p0(female)55
Box 5:  éK9p0255
Box 6:  éL9p'd555
Box 7:  p0?yyéA'd
Box 8:  p0éé(female)'dyy
Box 9:  p0ké0'dp'd

I then read other posts on the same thread and found that Epsilon created another code to find wild Pokémon with perfect DVs. A few posts later, he managed to convert the code for French versions as shown below:

All wild Pokémon have flawless DVs (French version):

Sadly, I can onfirm that this code doesn't work at least on VC (freeze on white screen upon using TM17).
There are a lot of discussions available so maybe what I'm looking for already exists, but I haven't read through every thread yet.

By any chance, would anyone be able to make this kind of code work on French G/S?
I'm not sure if the two codes above can be useful as a basis, as the first one works but for US version and the other one doesn't seem to work.

Of course I'll do everytyhing I can to help if anyone kindly takes some time for this request. :)