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Author Topic: Is there a way to print 0x50 sub-tile on screen that stays after opening menu  (Read 100 times)

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Evie the Bird Mother ❤✿

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Is there a way to print a 0x50 sub-tile on the screen that stays after opening the menu? Alternatively, are there ways to bypass the need of a 0x50 sub-tile on the screen altogether? (e.g. data past the screen buffer?)

If possible, via 9F (RB)/-g m (Y), etc. to save the screen, this could allow for many more LG/CoolTrainer results, without Rival LOL glitch.

By extension; is there a way to print other sub-tiles (e.g. 0x00) that are normally impossible with text bytes due to loading control characters instead?

Not looking for:

*Arbitrary code execution methods: As you can do most things with these, and it would disqualify for a lot of potential speedrun categories.
*RAM Glitch Cities: As you could redirect the game's tileblock pointer (D35E/D35D in RB or D35D/D35E in Y) to say stored items in which you could have your own data (including the necessary 0x50 sub-tile), and access all species outputs supported by tile blocks/glitch tile blocks, without having to find the locations or Glitch Cities from wrong warping (D365/D364 method or maybe the warps structure later in the expanded inventory) yourself. ✿
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