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Author Topic: Trading shiny locked Pokémon through Wi-Fi oversight(both Gen VI and VII)  (Read 1983 times)

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Hello there, probably I've broke down some rules in making this thread, so forgive me for this first, probably I discovered hot water although I didn't see any threads about this there but if there is some documentation about it forgive me for that as well, I wouldn't even consider it a glitch itself but rather an exploit/oversight in the online checks. Basically, the online legality check doesn't look after if the Pokémon you're trading is inside an egg or not (however, it does check if it has legal moves/ability and such), which will actually let you trade legendary Pokémon inside eggs through Wi-Fi. By doing so, you can tweak the Egg PID's SV so when the receiver will hatch the egg it'll turn shiny if it matches. They won't be able to send it back once received though. I would record a video but my 3DS is currently broken (planning to repair it in future as it does a popping sound when turned on) but I did test it in both VI and VII 3DS Gen games when my console was working fine and it yeld the same results
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What rules would those be? Anyway, this is certainly a strange shortcoming in the legality checker. I wouldn't consider it too notable (because you'd need to edit your save to get a legendary in an Egg to begin with), but it is good to have spotted.
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Hmm sad it seems you can't transfer Eggs up through the generations (with Wi-Fi Connection Poke Transfer). Gen IV however, ACE is becoming more of a thing. (with Retire glitch). I remember too unrelated (but might be worth stressing) how the spoof Wi-Fi servers were made (DNS exploit? I think Cryo documented it very early then it got copied. You can do it with Mario Kart DS too, etc.) From how I was aware though, you can now only do it with Action Replay, but someone called Jaybug I believe found an exploit extending the original. For this reason, you already could(/can) get any Pokemon in Generation IV with an Internet connection. I wonder though if Gen IV glitch mon have been sent that way.

Actually with a DS flash card and Poke Transfer hack that would work, but in that case, it would probably be better to use Action Replay/external device. As for Gen VI, then there are the 3DS vulnerabilities, and another luckytyphlosion (bless ‹3) theorised you can probably do something with infrared as GSC BW use it. When my laptop is back (as projects kill my sleep and my mum loves me too much) I'll pass it on to Shonumi, who is emulating the obscure.

Quote from: MrBean (popular Mario Kart DS person)
Hey guys! Thanks to a new bug in Nintendo's implementation of SSL (called "nds-constraint") as discovered by shutterbug2000, it is now possible to play Nintendo DS games online via custom server (Wiimmfi in this case) without modifying your DS, or needing a cheating device or a flashcart! Literally the only instruction is to enter the DNS listed above in your connection settings, and you are good to go!

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I remember too unrelated (but might be worth stressing) how the spoof Wi-Fi servers were made
It turned out the "Nintendo" Wi-Fi Connection was invented, designed, and ran (hence the closure) by GameSpy, who was an authority in PC online gaming and reused parts of the protocol, therefore helping clone the main servers$ (responsible for finding players*);

they operated over HTTPS but simply editing the rom (or the copy in ram, as DS games don't run directly from the gamecard) to remove that S was sufficient to make them connect without encryption, which in turn was very convenient for documenting as much of the protocol as possible as well as connecting to the clones;

nds-constrain't came later, when it was further discovered that the DS games accepted any server certificate signed by Nintendo regardless of whether said certificate has the privilege of being valid for or whatever (in fact what's commonly used is one of the per-console certificates used to login to the Wii Shop!)

* turns out the friend system is mostly handled remotely, so on Wiimmfi you can optionally choose (for certain games) to set the server to handle friend requests unilaterally (ie only the other players need to add you)

$ this excludes the GTS, networked Battle Tower, Plaza Minigames, etc - they are being cloned by the "Pokemo Classic Network", which the Wiimmfi DNS also provides access to!

For this reason, you already could(/can) get any Pokemon in Generation IV with an Internet connection
The GTS did indeed not use encryption in the first place, so it was perhaps the first thing to be cloned well before the first rumors of the WFC closing - and what that service (or was it a program you ran on your PC?) did was transferring .pkm files from and to the game :)