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Author Topic: Pokemon Pinball RS obtaining glitch Pokemon through unintended forced evolutions  (Read 203 times)

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Requires a cheating device but I wonder if a tile permissions glitch was found we could do it without cheats?

Note this is from memory and I only have access to my phone right now, so details are vague. I recorded it though so can share the video soon! :)

So basically, Pinball RS has a debug menu of sort. The debug menu allows you to move the ball with the d pad, and you can force it out of bounds too (but that's a different trick generally). Someone found it a long time ago and codes to enable it for the US version are on TCRF.

This may not be the full story but with steps like this, you can get messages that a specific glitch Pokemon was caught: It seems entering catch mode, catching the Pokemon then immediately moving the ball to the evolution building(?) in a certain way bypasses the choose which Pokemon to evolve menu and just uses the previous Pokemon as the one that is going to evolve. If you evolve Pokemon that can't normally evolve the glitch message may appear. When I evolved Solrock, the resulting glitch Pokemon had glitch characters for its name, I think glitch sounds played and a glitch sprite may(?) have shown too.

By going straight to evolution, you can try to evolve what seems to be hex 0000 as well (? as picture if I remember correctly), but interestingly it evolved into Treecko.

Hope people can have fun with this. ^^ ♡
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