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We only have a few rules here:

* Don't be stupid.
* Keep it work safe.
* Don't exploit loopholes. You should know what this means.
* We expect proper English from all members, with the exception of people who show an obvious difficulty in typing the English language. Do not use shortcuts or pointless abbreviations. "Pokémon" is always "Pokémon" ("Pokemon" is acceptable too) - never "pokes", "pkmn", or "pkm", for example. "to" is always "to", "too" is "too", never "2". "You" is "you", never "u". "People" is "people", never "ppl". Capitalize words that are supposed to be capitalized (anything in the beginning of a sentence and the pronoun "I"). "It takes too long to type" is NOT a valid excuse. If you don't want to spend time writing proper posts, do not post at all. Lazy people are always the first to go when the banhammer drops. In addition, please refrain from "net speak"/"AOL speak"/"txt speak/1337 speak". Also, posts consisting entirely of emoticons are not allowed.

* Moderators are authorized to remind members to use proper English and may edit posts in order to prod users who do not.
* For people who want to improve their grammar, here are some small tips. If you are unsure about something in the English language, English Language & Use Stack Exchange is a good place for you to make questions and get answers.
* Do not make multiple posts in a row in one thread. If there is something you need added to a post please use the "Modify" button instead.

* Creative Movements and its sub-boards are exempt from this.
* Role Plays is also exempt from this, but please do not do this in excess.
* Do not post in topics that are over 4 months old, unless there is significant reason to do so.

* Stickies, by their nature, cannot be "bumped" and thus are exempt from this rule.
* In general "significant reason" means new content relevant to the topic, or recent news concerning said topic.
* Do not act rude towards users who make mistakes, particularly new users. See this for an explanation.That's really it. Use common sense, and you won't get banned. There are some other things you should know:

- We are not recruiting staff for the forums, website, or IRC channel. Do not ask for a staff position.  But if you must, go to profile > group management and request a group there.
- Swearing is allowed. Don't like it? Go somewhere else then. JUST TO CLARIFY: This does NOT mean that users HAVE to swear, or that they are not allowed to censor THEIR OWN posts.
- While swearing is allowed, any language that is intentionally offensive towards another with negative connotations will not be tolerated.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Glitch City Laboratories Forums.

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what about ignorance, as long as we're willing to eliminate that void in knowledge?
is 1337 not allowed?

1337 is allowed.

Good i guess.  :)

what is 1337? ???


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