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Author Topic: Soul Silver GTS free pokemon glitch  (Read 276 times)

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American Doggo

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Soul Silver GTS free pokemon glitch
« on: July 04, 2019, 12:18:19 am »
Looking so see if anyone has any explanation for or any similar experiences with this glitch I happened to find back in 2011. So I was on an original ds where connecting to wifi was wacky and I somehow connected to one of those xfinity Wi-Fi's you see everywhere and whenever I went into the gts and connected it would put me into the end of the trade animation where you see the pokeball falling and it would give me a random pokemon. A lot of these pokemon were named ????? So it was strange, but I was 10 years old so I didn't really pay much attention. Later I found out a lot of them were event pokemon from all over the place including some very rare ones. After a few weeks of grinding it I swing internet connections and could never get it to work again. I have no clue how any of this happened I just got lucky. I still have many of the pokemon in my copy of ultra sun.


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Re: Soul Silver GTS free pokemon glitch
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2019, 01:35:19 pm »
Xfinity is a company that I don't know the specifics about, but Xfinity WiFi appears as unprotected wifi but in order to actually use the Wifi for things, you have to go to website to pay to use Xfinity (on mobile devices you get a notification about this) and you can choose between just using Xfinity for a short time or have the ability to use it forever, so hotels often use it due to the ability to essentially rent the wifi. However, something such as a DS that can connect to the internet but can't use a browser will not be able to use Xfinity due to not being able to access the website (interestingly, the Switch is programmed to not connect to Xfinity because of this limitation). I think that when you connect, Xfinity sends blank data in all situations other than accessing the Xfinity website until you pay, and when you went to the GTS with Xfinity WiFi, Xfinity sent you garbage data that's supposed to cause an error in a browser, resulting in you getting a weird Pokemon with an undefined name (thus the nickname ?????) from the garbage data in exchange for whatever you had deposited in the GTS (even if you had nothing deposited at all).
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What if you wanted to research glitches but the opponent said


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Re: Soul Silver GTS free pokemon glitch
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2019, 03:10:15 pm »
Hmm! I was about to say nobody properly remembers stuff from when they're only 10, until you said you still have them on Ultra Sun! If you could upload PK7s of them, that might shed some light on how they reached you. IR-GTS was set up in such a way that someone couldn’t accidentally intercept sending a Pokémon, so even if you connected to someone else's Wi-Fi it's unlikely to be along those lines...

Come to think of it, are you sure you had nothing deposited into the GTS? Back around 2010 I used to connect to the GTS now and then just to fulfill absurd postings like Bidoof for Celebi.
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