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Author Topic: Re: Political Viewpoints  (Read 64 times)

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Reclaimer Shawn

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Re: Political Viewpoints
« on: July 07, 2019, 08:14:30 am »
I like to give myself three political labels: I call myself either a Classical Liberal, a Paleolibertarian, or a Libertarian Conservative depending on the day.

Reclaimer Shawn

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Re: Political Viewpoints
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2019, 08:31:49 am »
I'd say I'm a right-wing Libertarian.

I believe individual liberty should be maximized in both the economic and social sense. I believe coercive hierarchy over individuals should be abolished as much as reasonably possible. This means the government, in my opinion, should be minimized to the smallest possible role.

In terms of current issues going on poverty wise, I think a lot arise from government intervention. In Healthcare, laws restrict the supply of doctors via licensing quotas and abberantly boosted demand through the individual mandate. I don't think laws should force private health insurers to provide for people with pre-existing conditions - those that don't get accepted by private health insurers I believe should be placed on Medicare. I think patents restrict drug supplies and create artificial monopolies. I think education costs so much because the government subsidized it, shifting the demand curve rightward and increasing prices. I think wages have stagnated because in the 70s Congress passed a law that allowed companies to write off CEO pay, distorting where money in a company should be allocated. I think boom and bust cycles are due to the Federal Reserve artificially setting interest rates. Finally, I think the tax code and regulations crush small businesses, destroying competition. I see the market as a way to decentralize power and shackle the government, as well as being a standard of economic efficiency. I think the market should be regulated only to a minimum - that is, essentially a safety net that keeps people at a certain standard of living (Minimum Workers Income - a UBI but only for workers and the disabled plus K-12 education - though mostly privatized) plus a completely free market. Privatize whatever you can if possible. In terms of government spending, minimize it along with taxes. Tax revenue should bring in only enough to pay for the basics mentioned above and then a small surplus to save for a rainy day. No deficits should be ran.

In terms of social issues, I tend to see immigration as a good thing and as a spur to the economy. I supported gay marriage back when it was being legalized (still do) and I support the legalization of all drugs to an extent. I'm incredibly anti-war and think a draft is essentially a form of modern slavery. However, I align with conservatives on abortion as I think abortion deprives the life and liberty of a child. I also have a conservative system of ethics but don't think the state should enforce that to any extent. I think that democracy enslaves us as individuals as we have the ability to vote each other's rights away via candidates, therefore enslaving the other person who didn't vote for them. Considering we're forced into a two party system since gerrymandering prevents a third party win, I believe any vote I would cast is essentially worthless and only vote to make a statement. I would likely see all federal control returned to the states. If individual charity were enough to accomplish the social welfare function, then I'd advocate for the abolition of all government.

TL;DR: I'm a Right-Libertarian who lives a conservative life, wants a free market, enough welfare for people to survive, a socially liberal viewpoint, a cynical viewpoint on politics in general, and a desire for a minimal government (possibly an Anarchist if certain conditions are met).
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