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Author Topic: Re: Feminism (originally Re: The Glitchy Thread of Topiclessness (#3))  (Read 68 times)

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Reclaimer Shawn

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I consider myself a proponent of first and second-wave feminism. That is, women should have equal individual rights in society just as men do (voting, property ownership, equal work for equal pay (to me, this means the same amount of pay for equal levels of skill and seniority, regardless of sex). I do not identify with 3rd and 4th Wave Feminists, as those are the one's that constantly moan about oppression (of females and everyone that isn't cis-white) and the hatred of men. In terms of a societal level, the only thing that hurts women now are outdated social opinions. They can make you feel terrible and at the worst end can make you miss an opportunity or two, but this is nowhere near "oppression." I view oppression as a violent domination of a collective or individual over an individual. The conditions of today do not amount to violent domination, only as some slights every now and then. Although we shouldn't force people to change their opinions on these social issues, convincing along with time and social change should lead to these relics evaporating. I also shy away from socialism, unlike most modern feminists. If anything, I think the Capitalist society is what enabled social change for women.
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