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Author Topic: Coin names for obscure feelings  (Read 22 times)

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Coin names for obscure feelings
« on: September 11, 2019, 08:49:22 pm »
After I read about it these on a website, they have fascinated me at this point. I gather this might be a fun exercise to get to know each other in the community better. :) I get a ton of them I'm happy to share. Am a little tired but may have more fresh ideas tomorrow.

Below are some obscure feeling names that are real but rarely used (though I believe I may have heard sonder in writing once).

Quote from:

"1 - Sonder
Sonder is that feeling when you realize that everyone you see, everyone who passes you by has their own complex life. Their life has the same kind of feelings as yours does - with heartache and happiness, and routines, family, and everything else that happens in life. Every person out there has their own filled life - just like you.

2 - Zenosyne
Zenosyne is when you feel that time keeps going by faster and faster. When you were younger 10 minutes was an eternity! Now, a whole year goes by and it feels like it only lasted seconds. This video has a really great way of explaining it.

Zenosyne: The Sense That Time Keeps Going Faster

3 - Chrysalism
This is one of the ones I mentioned earlier. Chrysalism is that relaxed, calm feeling you have when you're inside and it's storming outside. I never knew there was an actual word for it until today!

4 - Monachopsis
Now this is one we can all relate to at one point or another, in our lives. Monachopsis is that weird feeling that you're out of place. It's a small feeling, but somehow persistent.

5 - Lachesism
Lachesism is a pretty unique one, and every time I think about it - it reminds me of the movie 'Fight Club.' According to The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, Lachesism is:

the desire to be struck by disaster—to survive a plane crash, to lose everything in a fire, to plunge over a waterfall—which would put a kink in the smooth arc of your life, and forge it into something hardened and flexible and sharp, not just a stiff prefabricated beam that barely covers the gap between one end of your life and the other.

6 - Rubatosis
This is another one I mentioned earlier. Rubatosis is that hard-to-explain, unsettling feeling you get when you actually start noticing your own heart, and its own beats. It freaks me out Every. Single. Time.

7 - Klexos
Klexos is the art of dwelling on the past - and it really is art if you think about. Recalling a memory now, then recalling that same memory five years from now can have a different effect on you (even though the memory is the same). This video explains it really well (and really creatively, I might add).

Klexos: The Art of Dwelling on the Past

8 - Jouska
This is definitely something I've done a million times, and I know you have too! Jouska is when you play a conversation over and over in your head, but it never happened. It's a hypothetical conversation - like you asking your boss for a raise, and you keep playing it out, or a fight with a friend (and you're thinking, 'I should have said that').

9 - Liberosis
Liberosis is that feeling, that desire to care less about things.

10 - Kuebiko
This is an exhausted feeling - both physically and mentally. It happens after acts of violence takes place - like your mind and body just can't handle all the negativity. You can feel this way even if you're not closely linked to the violence (like seeing things on the news or online)."

1. Frembluence (as opposed to aloneness in solitude) : A soft gentle feeling with a sense of eloquence. Often when you're with family, friends, just listening to music enjoying the moment. Togetherness is a fundamental part of it. It may have a sense of timeless. In another sense like being stroked by a feather.

2. Devotamason: You feel a mild sense of concern but psychologically this is masked away. In the middle is apathy. On the other side is patience and a sense of meaning. Examples: Long plane rides, all-night marathons/research/browsing. Devotamason may be uncommon without fear before it (but only once or twice, until you are used to doing what will cause the devotamason)). Another more intense form is; you are willing to go skydiving or do a swimming technique that's difficult for you - you get this feeling, but when the action is taken it is transmuted.

3. Antighaon: You momentarily imagine, spontaneously, you are role-playing someone else, but later realise it's not real. Example: subconsciously: "I remember in Shrek when he splashes in the swamp at the beginning">so you emotionally role-play Shrek in your head for a split second (feel bold/don't care whether people might think you're rude/etc.) Often it has to be with some related form of qualia (picturing an interesting character in your head, imagining a quote etc.).

4. Thevol ("The vanity of life"): When we are full of energy, perhaps deep/important/matters of awe do not appeal to us. Thevol is a strong emotion similar to awe but is longer lasting with an admiration for the arts - and as such: the dark and depressing songs are the most powerful, not necessarily because they are painful but also because they give us admiration. It's a division of suffering (very likely) one of the most painful feelings we all face upon death, but a less intense form if you have ever had a panic attack you can use music to escape and cause Thevol, sometimes adrenaline for 'hidden ability' (i.e. verbal proficiency or physical ability).

5. Escawe ("Escape awe"): Another type of awe but the positive nature is more apparent. When a stressful situation or limitation is removed, we feel awe maybe because we find what we wanted, or because the stressful situation or limit in comparison feels tiny now, and invokes forgetting.

6. Esstraying: You suddenly feel, some moments ago you were on the right train of thought/wavelength, but it later goes away, and your confidence disappears. Example: You are doing a public speech, you get everything right. Suddenly you forget one little thing. Your emotions suddenly change, and there is a measure of esstraying (that you are not the cognition you wanted).

7. On de ja vu: Sometimes there is a unique essence (perception) to a feeling that only makes sense when you remember something. If it is common on a variety of occasions, we may have words for them too. But otherwise we just forget them. This fascinates me because it may be directly linked to cognition and memory. Example: You forget the feelings associated with a game you haven't played in years, you play it again and feel nostalgia. But put nostalgia under a microscope and you may experience many other feelings. However what causes these feelings to replicate in places outside of the game? Maybe say, the "falcon punch" theme in the F-Zero anime, for me it kind of has a silly 'corned beef' like aesthetic with a mix of The Flintstones with a down-to-earth positive "this is funny and cool" feeling (yeah I'm weird OK owo...). The mind then gathers things that seem similar to Captain Falcon and the feelings replicate (not sure if I can think of an example here. However, Kirby/Yoshi may feel similar archetypes).

Now what's fascinating about the mind, is that the feelings invoked by one example can transmute unexpectedly; and suddenly you forget the other, because you can't have more than one frame of consciousness? (Maybe by extension the psychology of forgetting) For example, your head says "gosh I love this song" with a distinct aesthetic. But (an inevitable condition I guess), as time passes you like it but with a different aesthetic. Strictly these aesthetics due to differing conditions may change in extremely small scales of time ranging from less than a second, after the music loops, or simply 'until we get bored of it' etc. A broader example in terms of time is simply: if we're in a sad mood depending on the conditions, something that made us happy isn't quite effective. And more primally, the transitions between positive and negative emotions.
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