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Author Topic: What is Poke-Transporter checking while transferring? Pokemon is blocked  (Read 161 times)

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Hey guys

Im wondering if its possible to bring "glitched" Pokemon which i traded from 1.Gen to 2.Gen with poketransporter to Sun/Moon.

What i mean exactly:
I started some weeks ago with ACE for pokemon yellow and I love it to play with that stuff, but i believe my Itemlists are not too good, but they work :). Im a german player so the itemlists are European-non-english lists. I tried not to have same items in both lists...

Im trying atm this stuff:

I would like to have a shiny raikou in 2.gen with my 1.Gen Yellow Virtual Console Game.

I change both addresses of the ID of my first pokemon in Party - with such a list:
any x any
Lemonade x 172 (for raikou)
Pokeball x 22
TM09 x 66
Awakening x 104
Ultra Ball x 20
Repel x 111
Exp-all x 20
Potion x 2
TM01 x any

ld a, (AC) -> ID for Raikou)
inc b
ld d, D1
ld b,d
ld c, 68
ld (bc),a
inc d
ld e, 6F
ld c, e
inc d
inc d
ld (bc), a

2. Next i change the Type of first pokemon in party with:
any x any
carbos x 209
X Accuracy x 117
Repel x 23 (->ElektroType)
Fresh Water x 115
TM01 x any

ld h, D1
ld l, 75
ld e, 17 (-> value for elektro type)
inc a
ld (hl), e

After using wsm one time, i toss one X accuracy away and use again for (Type 2 then Type 1)

3. Now i could use a shiny item list to make first pokemon in party shiny.
Now i go to trade it with pokemon gold and i have a shiny raikou.

So i tried with virtual console (not with raikou with some others, thats just an example), i receive the 2.gen pokemon. But when i try it to use with poke transporter it blocks.
So i tried in pokemon yellow to change the same thing but with a pokemon which exist in 1.gen. i changed a legit mew into a ditto and it was no problem with poketransporter.

I just was wondering if there is an easy way what i have to change to make the 2.gen pokemon legit for poke transporter :)?
Atm im just doing ACE in 1.Gen i try it later in 2.gen, im just interested if it can work just using ACE in 1.Gen.

Have a nice evening