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Author Topic: Examples where unintended elements became tricks (not glitches)  (Read 207 times)

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Examples where unintended elements became tricks (not glitches)
« on: January 05, 2020, 08:47:18 am »
Originally on a general Nintendo gaming related forum, reposting this for GCLF:

Inspired by Nester, here are errors in games that have later been reconsidered as tricks or features. Which others can we think of?

1. (from Nester): The Wonder Boy in Monster Land game had an exploit where shaking the joystick back and forth could result in more money. The Sega Ages re-release adds a button to do it for you.

2i. and the EN, FR, DE, IT exclusive left-facing shore tile glitch, which allows you to fight Pokémon from the wild grass Pokémon buffer, which will either be the previous data or can be overwritten with three tricks; watching old man's demonstration (player's name determines Pokémon), Link Cable trading (opponent's name and unknown things determine Pokémon), in-game NPC (always includes MissingNo.) trading albeit with different effects. An application of this was referred to as the fight Safari Zone Pokémon "trick".

2ii. The "MissingNo." placeholder Pokémon, manifesting with glitch data (MissingNo.'s sprite and some of its data is really from unrelated program code; just like opening a JPG file in Notepad). The MissingNo. are actually 39 different Pokémon, but 9 have special cries, and 3 use the Kabutops Fossil, Aerodactyl Fossil and Ghost sprites. In the Japanese version, the Ghost sprite MissingNo. is not named "MissingNo." but "ghost" (not "yurei").

(^ Note; very likely Nintendo of Japan knew about it too, with the Select button glitches in Japanese Red/Green/Blue being viable means to find it)

3. The exploit to continuously jump off a Koopa shell in Super Mario Bros. was considered as a trick.

4. This one might not have had Namco's consent to reference. The 2010 Google Doodle featured a Pac-Man game. If you are to proceed to Level 256, you get to see a spoof of the split-screen glitch.

5. World 9, originally a glitch world Super Mario Bros. with 9-1 as an overworld world set underwater. Apparently Nintendo were so surprised regarding reverse engineering of Super Mario Bros. and their glitch levels (of which one method was to exploit a Tennis Game Pak exploit to access any level), that World 9 was inspired by them. Out of Japan, players would also discover World -1 (actually World 36-1).[/font]

[img alt=" " src="" style="max-width:100%;"]


[font color="purple"]6. Wavedashing (Super Smash Bros. Melee). Smash Wiki considers it as an exploit, not a glitch. I heard (but not sure of the details) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would bring something similar to it back.

By extension, Nintendo have officially acknowledged glitches, sometimes with patch notes. The Minus World (Super Paper Mario) it is believed and "I am error" text was mentioned in Super Paper Mario.

Some vague memory I have also is that either Game Freak/Nintendo like people to find "weird" elements of their games according to a certain interview I forgot. ✿
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