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Author Topic: (Debate) Math is not (100%) logic, only relative logic. Why.  (Read 92 times)

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(Debate) Math is not (100%) logic, only relative logic. Why.
« on: March 19, 2020, 07:32:13 am »
Any supposition of perfection (1+1 'must' equal 2 etc.) assumes higher precision concepts that invalidate material/this/that. We tend to think of infinite and zero as mystical concepts, rather there are alternative axioms that allow them. Example: Overflows? Too large and it goes into negative numbers; yet from a relative perspective, it is not a negative number - it is both positive and negative at the same time (yet it isn't; it depends on the context).  There is also the point, no matter how you try there is always something more precise (Heisenberg's uncertainty principle). If 1 exists 1x1 exists. Note that in this case math is multi-dimensional. Add in the element of time, 1 does not equal 1x1 because it describes 1 as like a 'vector' of 1; by this 1 is being multiplied by 1; an instruction. Add more dimensions and you simulate not math but a program. For the old math system, this appears meaningless; but there could be implications if anyone does make a quantum computer?
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