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Author Topic: Shared Game Freak song elements  (Read 98 times)

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Shared Game Freak song elements
« on: April 29, 2020, 03:39:50 am »
Game Freak's composers have a lot of shared melodies in their games. Discuss. I know a few of these, but there are likely to be a lot more.

Mendel Palace: @7:11   (and Blue appears theme )

Yoshi: - The first few notes of Music C Starman reminds me of RBY Game Corner

Click Medic: (You can hear something like the Pokémon low health noise in the background, though in general it may just be based on a warning signal)

Pulseman: - Neo Tokyo @0:34

; and  - Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Barry's theme @0:37

Wario's Woods: - Sky

; and - Pokémon Red/Blue Route 24/25 music

BUSHI Seiryuuden: - Battle with Earthshaker

; and - Team Rocket HQ - Battle with Madake

; and - Pokémon Yellow unused theme - Boss Battle with Shionchou - A Bird's Flight

; and - Pokémon Ruby Maxie/Archie music   (this one felt very apparent with Shionchou, like the Wario's Woods and Pulseman example)

Related: Electivire's cry and a guitar sample

Cross-Pokémon game: - Bede's theme from Sword/Shield (@0:45-1:10)

; seems to have recycled elements from - Black 2/White 2 Pokémon World Tournament final battle music (particularly at 1:13)

Other notes:

I thought @0:46 below sounded similar to another song, but can't find it, so my memory may have been wrong. - Pokémon Black Elite Four music (@0:46) @0:20-0:27 - I thought these few notes sounded familiar too, but I'm unsure why.

Looking at the comments they compared it to Join Avenue from Black 2/White 2 as well - This is one of the Bazaru de Gozaru songs (another Game Freak game). I noticed a small similar elements  0:06-0:08 notes being a descending part of the Pokémon main theme (@0:06) however, it may be a common thing to have. - Drill Dozer 3rd Gear Music sounds very RSE - I always thought this radio jingle sounded like something from Wario Land, but I'm unsure if it ever was (and Wario Land is not developed by Game Freak) - Magical Taluluto-kun's playlist.  This song has elements similar to Pokémon

HarmoKnight actually has a few Pokémon bonus songs

Pocket Card Jockey music was composed by Go Ichinose too. The title song has similar parts to Pokémon songs too.
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