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Author Topic: Newbie question about Item Underflow, Battle Animations, Text Speed  (Read 138 times)

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Hi !

I'm new here. I've lurked online trying different things with the VC Pokemon Red version, and I stumbled here many times since. Confinement gives me plenty of time to geek around. :)

I'm currently playing around with the «[texture]J.        x[weird triangle]9» (see attachment) to try and toss the right amount to keep both "0 frame per character" *and* Battle Animations. So far, I've only managed to glitch screen "brightness", get it real dark, inverted, very pale, etc. I froze the game many times, and it's been hilarious, but it's not functional.

Does anyone understand this and could explain of I can find out how to toss the right amount?


On this page (, I understand part of the functioning, but it seems to be missing bits #4-5-6, no?

Item 28 quantity   wOptions   D355   D354   The options visible in the Options menu.

Bits 0-3 correspond to text speed, with their value amounting to the amount of frames between each character printed to the screen; 5 corresponds to the "Slow" option, 3 to the "Medium" option, and 1 to the "Fast" option. Bit 6 corresponds to the Battle Style: it is 0 when the style is set to Shift, and 1 when set to Set. Bit 7 corresponds to Battle Animations; however, it is 0 when Battle Animations are on, and 1 when they are off.
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I don’t think bits 4 and 5 are used for anything. So if you want all the other values to be 0, you could keep 16, 32, or 48 of the item.


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It works and it didn't seem to glitch AFAIK.

I made a small chart to summarize what I understood. Basically, each bit of the byte translates as such: