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Author Topic: Thank you all for the memories.  (Read 40 times)

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Thank you all for the memories.
« on: July 31, 2020, 10:31:01 pm »
Hi all. I've never been super active on this forum or discord until recently, only tending to lurk, so I can't say that I really know the place like others do, but when i hear a name, I remember all of you. I remember the sprite edits and the glitch hunting and the maintnence forum where Paco discovered a lot of cool non english language glitches. i remember glitzer popping being discovered and when okk told us all how missingno truly worked. This forum sparked a lifelong interest in programming and glitches and old technology in general and I can't thank you all enough for this small community that still held together even when popular social media websites likes reddit sought to tear community forums apart.

its a wonder that i was a part of this community, even if i didn't play much of a part until it's end. thank you, GCL, for inspiring me when i was just 12 and teaching me what assembly was and how hexdecimal worked. It's really sad to see this gone, and while I'm proud to be a part of the community that is being created from GCL's ashes, I can't deny how this place formed me even as a lurker.

Thank you, everyone.
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